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Technical SEO

First, it is crucial to check the technical optimization of the site. This includes:

Content and Keywords

The second step is to analyze the site’s content and keywords:

  • Ensuring the content is of high quality and contains relevant keywords to help improve SEO results.
  • Conducting keyword research to identify popular search queries and integrate them into the site’s content.
  • Optimizing the length and structure of the content to make it readable and informative.

Link Profile

The third important aspect is the analysis of the site’s link profile:

  • Checking the quality and quantity of the site’s link profile. High-quality links from authoritative sources can improve SEO results.
  • Avoiding low-quality links or “spam” links, as they can negatively affect your site’s reputation.
  • Performing competitor analysis to see which links are working well for them and may also benefit you.

Ensuring the page load speed is optimal, as slow loading times can negatively impact both user experience and SEO results.

Verifying that the site has correctly set up meta data, including meta descriptions and keywords.

Making sure the site has properly structured URLs and that there are no immediate redirects.


By completing this analysis and making the necessary improvements, you can expect enhancements in your site’s SEO performance. It is important to regularly monitor the effectiveness of these changes and adjust your strategy based on the new data.

Analysis crated 15-05-2024

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