How I Choose Domain Name

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Undoubtedly, the process of selecting a domain name has been occupying my thoughts for quite some time. Various ideas have crossed my mind during this contemplation period. However, I found myself leaning towards opting for a name associated with SEO advice. As this inclination grew stronger, the vision of the ideal domain name began to crystallize in my mind.

Consideration of Domain Name Price

It is essential to acknowledge that the cost of a domain name also plays a significant role in this decision-making process. Short and succinct domain names come at a premium price, often reaching thousands of euros. This financial investment is typically within the reach of large corporations aiming to enhance their brand image and prestige.


Undoubtedly, I have devoted considerable thought to selecting an appropriate domain name. While various ideas have surfaced, my preference gravitated towards a name linked to SEO Tips. As this preference solidified, the vision for the ideal domain name became clearer. The price factor must not be overlooked, as short and concise domain names command high prices, often in the range of thousands of euros. Such investments are usually feasible for major corporations seeking to bolster their corporate image and reputation.

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